Saturday, 13 September 2014

CNC Mk2 - Engraving Test

Head over to my youtube channel for a short vid on the engraving test I ran with the new spindle, rails and Z assembly.

I still can't get the homing sequence right, so just resorting to jogging to the zero positions.

I also had a small issue of CamBam inserting G-codes into the output file that grbl doesn't support, but that was a 'user' problem and simply changing some option under the CamBam config.

Note:  If you upgrade grbl on the Arduino...just don't forget that all your custom settings will be back to the standard defaults.  So when your X/Y/Z starts heading off way too far...just remember your steps/mm setting.  I'm using nema17 2.5A steppers at 200 steps per revolution, and 6mm x 1mm pitch threaded one rev = 200 steps = 1mm.  Grbl is 250 steps by default.  Doh!

Anyhoo...comments/questions welcome.