Friday, 4 April 2014

Hexapod (Pt2) it might seem a short timeframe between my last blog, and this one where I proudly announce that I have finished printing the leg parts for the hexapod.  I do actually have a day job, and as much as I would like to spend all day making robot stuff, it don't pay the bills.

I started printing the parts a couple of weeks ago, then had to wait for some hardware to turn up (long 3mm screws, 21mm brass standoffs, etc).  So tonight, I have finished the printing and assembly of the legs, complete with servos.  I did have to re-print a couple of parts because I hadn't taken into account the left side/right side thing.  However, because of the way I designed it, it was a simple case of mirroring a couple of parts in netFabb, slice and dice in slic3r, and print them out.

All in all though, everything has gone as planned, all the parts fit nice and snug, and now ready to be attached to a body.

As you can see...SU to the rescue again.  I plan to use 6mm acrylic sheet, but will wait until the servo controller board arrives so I can model it up and see where I might put the boards.

For a better view of the model, check out the new vid ( for a quick fly-around of the model.

Might be a while for the next instalment where I'll be getting the legs calibrated for midpoints on the servos as well as testing the (hopefully arriving soon!) 24 channel servo driver board with wireless PS controller.

Bye for now.

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